Why I Wear Niqab

I used to wear niqab. And I still am, occasionally.

When people asked me, "Why do you wear niqab? It's not like we live in a desert (referring to protect the vision from debris / sand). And isn't our country's weather is hot enough for you to cover up this way?"

I smiled behind the niqab. 

"Why shouldn't I? My religion has given me the option, either to wear it or not. And I chose to do so. I'm happy with it, feel contented by it, so why shouldn't I?"

It is always interesting to return a favor of someone in confusion with another shot of reflection so that people can put some thoughts to it. 

"I live in a modernized country, with democracy being the pillar. And about the weather? I think I can keep up. Don't you think my religion has protected me from every aspect of human being? The peace of inner soul? The UV protection, to add up?", and I chuckled to my last word.

Suddenly I reminisced along the memory lane, where I attended a summer camp wearing a niqab. By the time I got back from the summer camp, I have a natural shades along the eye lines and I remember laughing and laughing whenever people asked me what's wrong with my eye lines. How did the shades get its way particularly along the eye lines than the rest of my face (since they didn't know I'm a niqabi at that moment). *chuckle*

I'll share my experience in another post, an interesting experience indeed, 
too valuable to ignore. 

Well the point is, does it hurt your eyes to see people covering their Aurah? Dear niqabis, I hope you live in peace, knowing nothing can turn you down except Allah, bounded that you obey His commands, and protect the value of niqab you are wearing. It is priceless.

Should you happen to bump into anyone questioning you about this and that of you covering your Aurah, give them your sincerest smile for your attitude reflects your religion. For sure, they won't be able to see your smile, but they can sense your sincerity through your eyes. 

My pray goes to all niqabis all over the world.
And to all Muslimah too, may Allah bless all of you.

Smile, it is sunnah.


Kanvas Dari Ilahi

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