A New Year, 2016.

Today is 24th January 2016, technically, no longer a new year.
But it is a new chapter, at least for me.

Has it been almost a year since I left the most beloved medium to utter my heart out, this dear rustic dusty blog? Celebrating a new chapter of my life, I'm archiving the past for the sake of the future. Rebranding the blog to much convenient and comprehensive medium to express my concern about the world. 

And of course, with that in mind, may Allah bless this new chapter for me to reach more people out there, helping those in need and curing their heart and weariness with the beauty of Islam. As much as what Islam has shaped me ever since, as much as what Islam has turned my soul to a purer one, not that it comes anywhere near the perfection, but somehow or rather, a better soul.

When people glance at the niqabis, most of them will say or act like...
"Hey, ninja in the house!", literally. 

Yes, I'm a ninja of course not by the sole definition of it. A ninja by the abstract definition, camouflaging for the sake of Allah (you don't need to know my name, but I'm a Muslim and I'm proud of it), protecting my pride by which this beautiful religion has elevate women rank as Muslimah and higher ranking of Mukminah, hence here I am, camouflaging not because I'm afraid, neither do I being restricted by my own religion as what the world has negatively perceived Islam as oppressing the women, no, you got it all wrong my friend.

When you see Muslimah covering their Aurah
They are not oppressed, they are just too blessed
Hence, there you go, Allah is protecting them
In the most beautiful way ever.

When you see Muslim women showing their Aurah
They are oppressed, not by their religion
But by Dunya's expectation towards them

So please Dunya, be kind.
After all, you are just for temporary.


Kanvas Dari Ilahi

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